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We’ve moved

I have exciting news – my blog has moved to a new permanent home at If you had subscribed to my RSS feed here, I hope you’ll subscribe to the new one instead (and if you hadn’t subscribed yet, please do so now with my new handy dandy RSS button on the new site).

If you had linked here from your blog, if you’ll update the link to the corresponding old post over on my new one (the posts have all moved over there), that would be awesome.

I’m still using WordPress but there are some fun new things over on the new blog. For example, I now have my very own version of my alltime favorite widget, the Korelab Twitter Balloon, which I first saw and fell in love with on Todd Defren’s PR Squared blog. You’ll still find the same great PR and social media content you found here, only I’m hoping it’s getting even better with practice.

Please come and visit the new blog. No housewarming gifts necessary, but comments are always welcome and encouraged. Thanks for stopping by!


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